Ace It! X-Gel Swirl & Scratch Remover


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X-Gel Swirl & Scratch Remover Saves an Entire Step when removing fine scratches and swirl marks from your vehicles clear coat finish. Easy to Use – Excellent Results! X-Gel Swirl & Scratch Remover is a Premium Product containing the highest quality ingredients technology has to offer today. No Silicons Mineral Oils or Waxes are added – Which are used to temporarily conceal the scratches & swirl marks. X-Gel Swirl & Scratch Remover doesn’t hide the problem…it does away with it! How does it work? X-Gel Swirl & Scratch Remover contains “Self Diminishing Abrasives”. This new advance in technology and chemistry enables X-Gel to first remove fine scratches & swirl marks then buff the treated area to a high gloss finish. Meanwhile Powerful Synthetic Emulsifiers deep clean the damages area. Removing Surface Blemishes Oxidation and Contaminates that have settled onto and into your paints finish ALL IN ONE STEP! 8 fl oz bottle

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Weight 1.00 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 15 × 1 in


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