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  1. I’m interested in a Black Death bike,
    Are these modified FXR frames, or do you manufacture from scratch?
    Cost? Time from order to delivery? Specs?
    Thank you in advance,
    Konstantine “Koz” Riggs

    • hey bud we talked on the phone about this give me a call when you are ready to go. it will p[robably be low 20’s we will get it done for a decent price with your drivetrain!! have a great day!!!

      Thank you

      Frank S

    • these frames are new frames built by us or rolling thunder they are awesome i have one here im selling for 1900.00 its beautiful.. let me know or call us at 570-788-1660

      Thank you


      like our facebook page drmshop

  2. Hi I was looking for a Black Death, but not an exact replica but probably 90% since Id like to have my own personal tweaks on it. What is the approximate price range to have this built?


    • hello , well its depends on drivetrain and other accessories you might put on the bike give me a shout and we can talk about it.

      thank you

      Frank S

  3. I would like just a Black Death frame I got 1k to spend lost a lot of my savings because of the pandemic

  4. I’m deployed and can’t call but if you guys could email me I’d appreciate it. Just got some questions about stuff I’m interested in. Thanks

  5. I am interested in the Black Death bike. Ready to ride and Possibly shipped to Oregon or I can come get it.

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